"What we imagine in our minds becomes our world."

Dr. Masaru Emoto

On behalf of Jelle and myself, i would like to welcome and thank all of you who have shown interest and support in Gymless.
We want to infect you and everyone we come into contact with, with a 'go get your health' attitude, because the reality is no one's going to get it for you.

We are interested in far more than teaching you the proper way to exercise.
We want to set you on the path to becoming the best you, that you can be. To gently, ok maybe not so gently, remind you that it's not a competition but a journey and it's all about you, and you doing it yourself.

To do this we ask only that you make the commitment not only to opening your eyes, but also your minds. We don't claim to be doctors, psychologists or nutritionists.
We are two guys constantly in search of real life, easily implemented, lifestyle solutions that enable our bodies and minds to function at optimal levels

We want to share this information with you. Give us a few weeks of your time and we'll do our best to increase the quality not only of your time, but of your life..

For the record we are not against gyms. We are against the idea of memberships being more important than members.

The idea that going to a gym knowing what you want. but not knowing how to get it, is acceptable.
Lastly, we are against the idea that health and fitness are the same thing and that you can put a price on either of them.

We've decided enough is enough.
Those of you like minded individuals who are ready and willing to take responsibility for your own well being, stand up. We've got a adventure of self discovery and self empowerment awaiting you!

Andrew and Jelle

Tick Tock

By A&J

I"m going to reveal an ancient secret, that goes back to the beginning of time. Until we die, all we have is time ...

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